Land Rover vehicles already come packed with features and performance. For those who look for additional extras,  we provide limited upgrade services and modifications to your car.


We do high rise tow hitch modification for Land rover models Discovery 3 and 4 as well as Range Rover Sport. Many of the standard tow hitches are low in nature making it sometime difficult to get around, especially on uneven surface such as offroad driving.

The high rise tow hitch replaces the factory standard tow-bar with a strong, Australian engineered and manufactured ADR Approved product. It does not interfere with any existing electrical cabling from the trailer, making it less complex.

A high rise tow hitch is ideal for many reason

  1. Prevents the tow from dragging into the ground when you drive off-road.
  2. It will bring the trailer to a more optimal level than what you get with the factory hitch

We fit the hitch and make sure it is done according to Australian standards. The parking sensor’s aperture needs to be modified so they don’t go off every time you reverse. The tow hitch is also available to purchase as a KIT, which includes all required material and fitting manuals. Please call and ask for price and details.


  • Brand: Mitchell Brothers (The Mitch Hitch)
  • The spare tyre can be removed with the hitch fitted.
  • This is a Heavy Duty item with ADR approval.

NOTE this is a legal modification and should not affect your insurance premium or anything like that.

The “Mitch Hitch”


    • The standard cover plate can be trimmed to be reused for access to trailer plugs
    • Rated to 3500kg (towing capacity)
    • Towball download 350kg
    • No locking mechanisms
    • Increase your takeoff angle
    • The hitch was concepted in 2007
    • Light wight, 8kg.
    • Spare tyre can be removed when hitch is fitted
    • Our hitch also raises the height by approximately 200mm from standard for discovery 3. And 150mm for Discovery 4 and Ranger Rover Sport.
    • Puts the pin centre at approx 500mm from the ground (level surface).

Picture of Hi Rise Tow Hitch
Picture of Hi Rise Tow Hitch

Hi Rise Tow Hitch components
“The Mitch” Hi Rise Tow Hitch components

Rear coil spring conversion

We do many coil spring conversions for Land Rover Discovery 2.  The Disco 2 comes with electronically controlled air springs which can cause a lot of problems. We convert the air springs into coil springs, eliminating all headaches with factory-standard electronic air springs.

The air springs can fail and leake. This causes lots of problems with the compression and valves.

The main benefit of coil conversion is your saved money from recurring cost of maintaining the electronically controlled air suspension. We also sell the kit if you prefer to install them yoursefl. The kit comes complete with the hardware, springs and material helping you achieve the best fitting.

Other modifications we do

  • Wheel and tyre package. The late Discovery 3 comes with standard 17 inch and we can Increase the diameter of your wheels and tyres up to 22 inches.
  • Automatic conversions for older Land Rover models.
  • Communication & GPS for older models which did not have them built in.
  • Engine Upgrades – The upgrades are limited to older models as we can’t get the software for later models.
  • Electric upgrades such as dual battery Pack fitted to under seat (ideal if you go into water).
  • Lights – We can set up strong headlights, Light bars (LED).
  • Transmissions can be upgraded to suit a heavy usage environment and lifestyle.
  • Heavy Duty Suspensions for coil spring cars. Having heavy duty suspensions help you combat some of that heavy terrain out there.

Experience better driving with modifications

Land Rover by the beach


Discovery 4 in the wild


Land Rover in the great outdoors


How to avoid your oil leves from damaging your Land Rover

Later vehicle models are designed in such a way there is very little you can do to the vehicles. Some don’t even have a dipstick to check the oil levels. This is all automated through software and programs in your dashboard.

It is VERY IMPORTANT not to adjust or play with this program. Some of our client vehicles that come in for service says that the little screen on the dashboard told them they run low on oil.

They have consequently filled up with more oil, which caused the engine to overfill. The oil now interfere with rotating component, and the engine reading system sucks the oil into the engine and burns it. The result is you can’t turn the engine off and the engine fails.

The reason for this type of fault is primarily based on how the oil level system is designed, making it easy to get it wrong.

Our advice for owner of later Land Rover models, call us for advice or bring your vehicle in to us even for something that seem so easy like oil top up, especially if you do not have a dip stick.

Some of the stuff you can do safely is checking tyre pressures. Having right tyre pressure will help your fuel economy and longevity of the tyres. If you are unsure about tyre pressure, ask us next time you speak to us.